Biennial Partnership

Capsule is proud to partner with the Biennial of the Americas, a celebration of the arts, an international event that celebrates the culture, ideas and people of the Western Hemisphere. During the month of July, the Biennial will offer provocative talks by world leaders, hot music, stunning art and great food. For more information about the largest international event of the year in the U.S., please visit

Objectophilia is a love of objects so intense that individuals form emotional relationships with inanimate things. As fetishes go, this seems rooted in culture, drawing our obsession with over-consumption to its logical conclusion. We love our computers, find our cars sexy, and lust over shoes, while driving the economy and the planet to the brink of orgiastic collapse. This exhibition asks artists to examine their relationship to these commercially manufactured items and icons, and the impact on the world around us. The flip side of love is hate, and creation is destruction: where do our objects exist on that continuum?

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